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The Indonesian Association of Islamic Economist (IAEI)

IAEI is an organization for Islamic Economics Indonesia (academics and practitioners) established and declared On March 3-4, 2004 at the palace of Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia. General Chairman of IAEI is Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Ph.D., which is also the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia. Committee of Central and Regional IAEI in general is consisting of Professors and Doctors from various universities in Indonesia and Foreign. As an organization of academics and practitioners, IAEI aims to build networks and cooperation in the development of Islamic economics, both National and International.

Pusat Ekonomi dan Bisnis Syariah (PEBS)

PEBS of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia (FEB UI)  is an institution to be center of excellence for research and training in sharia economics and sharia finance for academic purpose, industry, and people.

Host University

University of Indonesia

The forerunner of UI dates back to 1849 and UI is a representation of an educational institution with the oldest history in Asia. Universitas Indonesia is a modern, comprehensive, open, multi-cultural, and humanist campus that covers a wide range of disciplines.
At the same time, UI is always trying to become one of the leading research universities or academic institutions in the world. As a research university, efforts to achieve the highest achievement in terms of discovery, development and diffusion of knowledge regionally and globally are always carried.

Partner Universities

IPB University

IPB University founded on 1 September 1963 as a form of visionary thinking from leaders of the nation and those that care about agriculture higher education so this big nation have world-class university that have competency in agriculture, bioscience, and various related fields. This matter intended to enhancing food security, bioenergy, job creation, poverty eradication, and preserve environment. IPB University is a higher education institution that produces innovations with a nationally and internationally acknowledged quality. For ten years straight (2008-2018), IPB has the most innovation compared to other universities in Indonesia base on appraisement from Business Innovation Center – Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Indonesia in Indonesia’s Most Prospective Innovation (39,71%).

Airlangga University

Airlangga University (Indonesian: Universitas Airlangga, abbreviated as Unair or UA) is the second-oldest university in Indonesia and also a public university located in Surabaya, East Java. Despite being officially established by Indonesian Government Regulation in 1954, Universitas Airlangga was first founded in 1948 as a distant branch of the University of Indonesia, with roots dating back to 1913. It started with a medical school and school of dentistry. Now Universitas Airlangga hosts 16 faculties with more than 35,000 students (during the 2015-2016 academic year) and 1,570 faculty members. Universitas Airlangga has university hospitals for the faculties of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, and Dentistry, as well as a tropical infection hospital for its Institute of Tropical Disease. The university is also equipped with biosafety level three facilities.

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